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The Akashic Records hold the spiritual Records of each of us.

Now YOU can learn to access the Records for yourself and others.

Participants find this course a powerful way to connect to the higher wisdom available to all of us.

This training program includes:

  • What the Akashic Records are

  • How the records can be used most effectively

  • Powerful Akashic Record attunement

  • Portal Prayer to access the Records

  • Experiential training and practice readings

  • Philosophy and guidance of reading others' Records

Courses are offered on occasion throughout the year. 

See all upcoming courses below. 


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Learn to read the Akashic Records, this course is for anyone on the path of self-discovery, and open to exploring the Records to deepen your spiritual practice, personal or professional work.

Dates: March 1–3, 2024 via Zoom

Cost: $350.00 or $300.00 before January 15, 2024

Limit: 12 participants


Many of us are drawn and guided to read professionally for others. This is a deep commitment not just for your own soul's growth, but for the profound support and guidance you will give to others.

Certification requires thirty readings and evaluation.

Cost for Level I and Level II $400.00 before January 15, 2024

Laurie lives out her values in every interaction and has been an example of embodied leadership for me for several years now. Her coaching is both compassionate and rigorous, challenging her clients to acknowledge and own their own power."

-Nyacko Pearl Perry, Founder/Principal Consultant, Yin Consulting, Boston, MA

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