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Angels are everywhere ready to offer you guidance and protection yet, they cannot intervene unless you welcome them in.

Readings are fun, they inspire, uplift and empower.

Angels are kind and communicate with a gentle clarity that allows for a deep connection and understanding of your own power.

Angels will touch your heart and soul with their love and guidance.

Call upon your angels, they are always here.

Tarot is an ancient and reliable divination tool that has provided millions of people with comfort and detailed insights for hundreds of years.

Readings are 30 minutes, held over Zoom or on the phone.

Sunset Over the Mountains

Laurie's calming and compassionate presence translates well through her work. She is a valuable guide in helping you gain insight and awareness of your life's purpose. I enjoyed this enlightening experience and look forward to many sessions again in the future!"

Jennifer B., Prescott, AZ

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