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What to expect for an Akashic Record Reading


Thank you for scheduling an Akashic Records reading. Reading your Records is sacred work for me and an honor.  Please take a moment to read the information below before we meet.

About the Akashic Records

In ancient teachings, Akashic Records have been referred to as the Book of Life. Traditionally, they can be considered to be a library, where an individual’s records are a book within the library. Information retrieved and received from the individual’s book is considered to be the chapters of the book. In our current understanding, the Akashic Record is the oneness of everything where all is contained. The Akashic Record energy is an expanding, living, breathing field.

An Akashic Record reading consists of opening up the record of your Soul and allowing the information to come forward. This information will support you in your life right now. Guidance to work through patterns that are present in one's current life are generally valuable and opportunities for growth and direction.


Some suggestions or guidelines for your questions:

Make a list of the questions that you would like to discuss. These questions may change as our session proceeds. "What, How or Why" questions work best.  You can also describe a challenging issue to gain clarity.  "When" and "yes or no" questions do not work as well.  All information received in a Reading is confidential.


  • What are my greatest gifts yet to be discovered? How can I move toward them?

  • What is my greatest block/challenge/fear at this time? What is the root of it? How can it be resolved? What lessons am I to learn from this?

  • What talents did I incarnate with that I need to use now to further my growth?

  • What messages do my spiritual guides want me to know at this time?

  • How can I take better care of myself?

  • Why am I so sensitive to others emotions?


The Particulars:

Session Readings are over Zoom or on the phone, your choice. Please be sure I have your email or phone number when scheduling your appointment. Payment must be received prior to your Reading. 

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time, you agree to pay the fee for the session you missed. 

Expect our session to be 45-60 minutes long. Akashic Record reading is not a psychic reading. We will work within the vibration of the Akashic Records. We work with your questions. I open myself to the information available from your Records and allow myself to look and say that which comes directly to me. You might prepare yourself by reflecting on your current life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity.

Your openness determines to a large extent what happens during the reading and what the Records bring forth.

I relay what I am given to the best of my ability and present you with the information.


Please understand that no matter what I say or suggest you are responsible to determine what resonates with you and your life. I find readings to be inspiring, informative and fun!


Blessings and Gratitude,



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