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Mountain Landscape
Sunrise on Nature


Clarity, guidance and support to navigate the path to your full potential...

Open Textbook in Library


A reading at the soul level; open up your book of life to uncover all the answers you seek...

Sat on the Rocks


Learn to read Akashic Records to deepen your spiritual practice, personal or professional work.



Laurie Magoon

Join Laurie as she shares a powerful and playful approach to reuniting the soul with the natural world. An inspirational facilitator whose wisdom and joyous way of teaching motivates her countless students, clients and colleagues to live life to the fullest.

Rock Balancing

Laurie shines a clear light of wisdom with how she works with others. Her poignant counsel has enriched my life for over 14 years. Her grounded approach strengthened my ability to think creatively and helped me to navigate pivotal career choices and personal matters."

- Riccardo, New York City, NY

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